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Day trip to Brighton

With our weeks running out in the UK, we decided it was time to visit the beautiful Brighton beach, considering we had heard so much about it.


Thankfully, Brighton beach is only 1hour (give or take) from London’s centre and can be reached by train from all major stations. We discovered that the  cheapest tickets are trains that depart from London bridge. 

It was definatly love at first site. The gorgeous coastal town positioned so elegantly beside the sea. All we could think about was that we couldn’t believe we hadn’t visited earlier. 

The street leading to the beach were  lined with cafés,shops, bars and hostels. So many cafés caught my eye, it was impossible to choose. 

Finally, we decided on some good ‘ol fish and chips on the beachfront. – Amazing!! 


We had a wonderful time exploring Brighton and will 100% make time to visit again. 

Our reccomendation a for Brighton 

  1. Explore the many cafe’s along the main stip
  2. Rent a deck chair and relax on the beach. 
  3. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel 
  4. Revisit your childhood on Brighton Peir arcade.
  5. Pose for a photo with the colourful beach huts.
  6. Watch the street performers along the beach.
  7. Have a cocktail on one of the rooftop bars.
  8. Enjoy some fish and chips along the beach
  9. Have a laugh by playing 3£ mini gold on the beach front 
  10. Wander the side streets 


Have you been to brighton? What would you add to my list?



5 comments on “Day trip to Brighton

  1. I’ve not ben to Brighton, but you really made it look good 🙂 I shall have to visit there on a hot day soon..

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  2. God I haven’t been to Brighton for years, it’s just so far away from Yorkshire, but I love it down there. And I would say this list is pretty great for most UK beach towns 🙂 Also, great photos.


  3. Love Brighton :-). Explore the lanes for some good shopping!

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  4. I have been to Brighton but it was such a long time ago! Looks like you had a great day out

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  5. The Lanes are worth a visit but perhaps you included this at No. 10.

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