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5 tips for surviving traveling with a friend

Planning on travelling the world? Don’t want to brave it solo? Well my friends, my advice to you is to choose your travel partner CAREFULLY!  One thing I have known true my entire year abroad is that as easily as strangers become friends, friends can become like strangers.

You want to test a relationship? Travel will quickly make or break it, whether friendship, family or intimate, travel will put you under the test.

5 Tips for surviving travelling with a friend.

Sydney Australia
Sydney Australia

1. Plan a similar budget

There is nothing worse than being on the other side of the world, excited for all the adventure prospects and your travel compaignon is already ruling out 98% of the activities because they’re on a budget. There is also nothing worse than worrying about your funds when your partner is living like royalty besides you.  I have been on both sides of the situation and they equally suck!  Similar budgets is an important part of surving a trip with others.

Brighton Beach, UK
Brighton Beach, UK

2. Ensure you have common Interests

Every city you visit, in every country you encounter, there is an overwhelming amount of things to do/see and experience. If you’re planning on sticking by one anothers side, having common interests will make the trip A LOT better. Is your travel partner travelling to meet people? party? visit museums? Are they big on history? Do they know anything about history?. As trivial as it is, these things start to matter when you’re travelling.  Is your companion adventurous? Will they be excited about taking risks?

Pisa, Italy
Pisa, Italy

3. Share the organisation/planning

Okay, this doesn’t matter as much as other things, but it still matters. If you’re naturally a very organised and planned person, you wont mind taking on the responsibility of planning the trip BUT if you find yourself becoming the ‘mum’ of the trip, making every single decision, it will burn you out. Make sure you’re both responsible for where you are/what your doing and what comes next.

Park Guell
Park Guell

5. Plan time apart

SERIOUSLY, even if you consider yourself an extrovert who needs company of others, plan time apart from your travel companion. Whether you’re travelling for a week, fortnight or couple of months, plan some of your trip solo. You may like to explore a different part of the city you’re in, fly to another country all together or simply sit in a cafe for a couple of hours and reflect. Sometimes, you’re so on top of each other, you forget why that person is your closest friend, time apart is beneficial for yourself, your companion and your friendship with one another.


Have you ever traveled with a close friend? What are your top tips for survival? xx


2 comments on “5 tips for surviving traveling with a friend

  1. James Scott

    Great post, there are so many dynamics to this!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I traveled with for 6 weeks around Australia with one of my best friends. There was the odd occasion when I wanted to kill her, ie. when I had to stop our first bus because she was late to it, but I actually think it brought us closer together in the end. I was the one who wanted a clear itinerary and kept us both on track, she tended to be more spontaneous and opened me up to things I may have missed otherwise.
    I can imagine things can sometimes turn really sour though. I think all these points are really good to ensure things stay friendly 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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