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5 places we can’t wait to visit in AUS 

When I left Australia in June 2014, I was so glad to see the departures lounge at the airport, knowing life would be different from that moment on.
I never thought I would be excited about returning. I’ve heard of so many people experience “post travel blues” once they’ve returned home. This won’t happen to me. Why? Because I am not going back the same person. I am returning with a new set of eyes, anew perspective on life and an undeniable urge to peruse all life has to offer.

I have decided to return to Australia in October, after 16 months of travel, not to settle down but to grow to love my own county in all its beauty. To continue my travels, continue photography and continue to go where the wind takes me.

So here it is,

My east coast bucket list  + FIVE PLACES I CANT WAIT TO VISIT 

1. Whitesunday islands 

The heart of the Great Barrier Reef, located on the tropical coast of Queensland. Would you just look at how white the sand is! The beautiful, Adriana has recently visted the whitesundays and has inspired me with her jaw dropping photography.

2. Springbrook national park 

Springbrooke national park is also located in Queensland, tucked away near the Gold Coast. The pictures speak for themselves. Paradise.

3. Fraser Island 

Located just off the coast of Queenslands Harvey bay.  Heritage listed island and incredibly picture perfect.

4. Five mile swimming hole, QLD 

This place is amazing & more importantly, crocodile free!

5. Wallaman Falls 

Speaks for itself, right?

What is your favourite destination on the East Coast of Australia?

X captured to share


3 comments on “5 places we can’t wait to visit in AUS 

  1. You are right , no matter how long you are being away you still the same person except for some changes. I left Philippines in 1986 then 1996 comeback with U. S. Passport and become a dual citizen, that give me more advantages In traveling .There is no year in my life without visiting Philippines.and that is normal for normal people . Good luck and wish you can travel more.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! and thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Home is always home!! Philippines seems beautiful! can’t wait to get there one day x


  2. Did you make it to Springbrook? It looks amazing.


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