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5 things you need to know. IOS • Greek islands

No words to explain this beautiful place. Please make sure if you’re heading the greek islands, add IOS to your travel plans.

My tips for IOS would be;

1. Eat at harmonys. The Mexican restraunt on the cliff  is by far the best place to be while in IOS. Amazing staff, mexican and live music. My one regret in IOS was only visiting this place twice. 

2. Stay at far out camping… But only for a short time. You’ve got to experience it. The poor quality  rooms ( if you travel on a budget like me)    pools, pool bar and constant party vibes. Promoters will approach you while you’re lying by the pool, which is actually an easy way of making friends and getting familiar faces in town. 

3. Swim at Hotel Petradi Half way between the beach and town there are a few hotels on the hill.There is a hotel called Hotel Petradi. Get yourself something to eat and head down to their pool. The views are the best in IOS 

4. Go to all the bars and stay out all night. I can not express how much fun you will have out and about in IOS. The bars are all run by young (mostly Australians) people and each bar is different to the next. We loved starting our night at lost boys which has a more relaxed atmosphere. 

5. Get a late night gyros! And or chips and special sauce…. Every night. Yummmmmmmmmmm

Have you been to IOS? What tips would you add? 

x L








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