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7 musts for Venice, Italy

A quick guide to Venice, Italy 

1. Where to stay- on a budget  We stayed at the PLUS Venice (chain of hostels) called Plus camping. The cabins were adorable and felt like luxury after staying in 10bed dorms. The camping ground has a pool, bar and restaurant. 

Every afternoon was spent drinking cocktail buckets in the hostels pool, followed by a party at the bar. 

2. Suggested length of stay.  2-4 days is all you need in Venice. The city is mesmerising and provides lots of entertainment,, however, ao found it easy to achieve in a single day and night.

Seven must do’s 

1. First things first, Gondola ride is a must.

8am-7pm €80 for 40mins; €40 for each additional 20mins. 7pm-8am €100 for 40mins; €50 for each additional 20mins.

2. Visit the Piazza San Marco, Saint marks Basilica and Doge’s Palace

3. Walk across Rialto bridge and discover the markets.

 4. Take a photo of the ‘bridge of sigh’

5. Gaze at the Grand Canal….

6. Get to the top of the Campanile ( I wish I did this. I’ve now learnt that the Best photos are from above every city ) A friend told me that you can get an elevator to the top.

7. Simply wander.





Have you been to Venice? What tips would you add to my list?

x L


13 comments on “7 musts for Venice, Italy

  1. Wish I was there right now!


  2. Your photos are absolutely stunning. Venice looks gorgeous!


  3. Awesome post! Headed to venice this summer, will have to try a few of your suggestions!

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  4. Your post has inspired me to go to Venice this year. Great post 🙂

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  5. Amazing photos! What a stunning city! I have only ever visited southern Italy. Venice and other northern cities are officially on the list!

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  6. Amazing Venice post, I’ve been there and have done the majority of your ‘musts’! Some good tips! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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