5 tips for tourists in Berlin, Germany.

Thinking of going to Europe this year? Make sure you visit the beautiful and historical city of Germany- Berlin.

1. Where to stay.  If you’re looking for a great hostel, close to transport, clubs and the Berlin Wall then check out PLUS BERLIN,  Here.  I stayed in this hostel during my time in Berlin and was very happy with my stay. The hostel has a bar, pool, ‘ beach’ area and colourful, clean rooms!

Or check out Time out. They’ve put together a list of the top 20 places to stay in Berlin.

2. Getting around. In my experience, getting around Berlin is both easy and cheap. The public transport system allows you to get around the entire city with ease. There are S Bahn (fast trains), U Bahn (underground subway), buses and trams which cover the city. In addition, a lot of the main attractions (if not all) are in walking distance from one another, so wear comfortable shoes and save yourself $£€.

3. Seeing the sites. Berlin is a place with an enormous amount of history. You can still see and feel the weight of their turbulent and tragic past. I reccomend doing a walking tour of the city to ensure you get the most out of your experience. Our walking Tour took us to some of the major sites and shared with us, in depth, the history of Berlin.  Check point Charlie, Brandenburg gate, reichstag, Holocoust memorial, Berlin Wall memorial, Chatlottenburg Palace, Mesuem island and many other sites were covered during our tour. IMG_6397-0

4. Street entertainment  & art markets. I could have spent an entire day watching and listening to the many, talented street performers. From dancers, bands, drummers playing buckets and solo buskers, Berlin has it all. We spent an hour wandering through the a Berlin art market, filled with unique, designer pieces of art works, jewellery, photography and more. IMG_6409-0


5. Night life. Want to see the night life of Berlin? Do a pub crawl! I know, pub crawls can be a complete failure but the Berlin pub crawl will not disappoint!! Berlin can be very selective with who they let into their bars and clubs. Ensure yourself entry + a great time by doing a pub crawl. One of my best nights in Europe was my night out in Berlin.

Been to Berlin? Add your own tips in the comments section. 

Happy travelling. X






7 comments on “5 tips for tourists in Berlin, Germany.

  1. We loved the PLUS BERLIN too, great hostel & helpful staff and perfect location

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  2. glad you had such a great time! 🙂

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  3. Generator Hostel in Mitte is amazing! Couldn’t recommend it enough!

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  4. Berlin is great, we did a cycling tour and it was a fantastic way to get around and see the sights 🙂

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