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Surviving London as a Tourist

Planning on visiting London? Our growing guide to surviving London can now be found Here.

Our top 10 tips to surviving London as a tourist.


Visiting London? You’ve come to the right place! 

1. Download CityMapper App   This app will become your best friend, helping you navigate your way around London’s transport System and ensuring you get from A to B, the quick way. 

2. Check out TIMEOUT web page for what’s on.  
 Make sure you check out Time Out for what’s on, where to eat, what to see and where to go. 

3. Hire a Barclays bike  

 Barclays bikes are such a great way to get around the city, with ease! For 2£ you can hire a bike for a 24hour period. Bikes are than priced per journey, however, the first 30minutes of each journey is FREE! Dock your bike every 30minutes to ride the entire day without any additional fees. 

4. Cheap eats and even cheaper beers  

 Remember the name, whetherspoons! The whetherspoon pubs are located all over London. The chain of pubs are known for their cheap meals and cheaper drinks! If you’re on a budget, apoonys is the place to go. Find your local Here

4. Pop into primark.   

 Forgotten anything? Need any of the essentials? Bath towels at your hostel unbarable? Pop into PRIMARK for the cheapest clothes/home decor/accessories/travel essentials. Store locator Here

5. Buy a weekly – Oyster card  

 There is NO denying that the Oyster cards will become your worst nightmare. I found myself sighing almost every second day “do I really have to seek assistance (top up) AGAIN”. If you’re in London for more than a week, get yourself a weekly! Again, they’re expensive but they do save you a lot, if you’re planning on travelling a lot. 

6. Use UBER  

London will sting you with an enormous Taxi fare, if you’re not careful. Those drunken night taxis home may just be the end to your budget. Use UBER taxi app for the cheapest possible fare. 

7. OR Familiarise yourself with night busses  

 It’s true, the tubes close at 12! With no tubes, getting home can be difficult.  If you don’t want to pay for the UBER fare, familiarise yourself with the night bus routes in your area! 24hour buses run from almost every area in London! 

8.  Visit POUND LAND £££  

You will see this logo EVERYWHERE, do yourself a favour and go in! Pound land has everything, from bathroom essentials to  iPhone cables. And everything for £1 ONLY! 

9. Use living social/ groupon/ wowcha or skint London  

 The cost of London is  a lot higher than a lot of cities. Restaurants, beauty salons, movies, activities etc can be made a LOT cheaper by using one of these sites! 

10. Avoid Rush Hour (that last for hours)  

photo via

Don’t be fooled, in London rush hour doesn’t just last for one hour! If you want to survive, avoid tubes during the times 7:00 ‘til 10:00 in the morning and 4:30 to at least 7:30 (if you can)  London is the only place I’ve been to that would consider someone jumping infront of a train an inconvince rather than a tragedy. Friendly Londoners turn into, well, you’ll see. 


5 comments on “Surviving London as a Tourist

  1. foy1994

    Reblogged this on Foy story and commented:
    Collaborating with Captured to Share on an ongoing tourist’s guide to London.
    Part 1.


  2. ZowieTS

    “London is the only place I’ve been to that would consider someone jumping infront of a train an inconvince rather than a tragedy.”

    This is so true. Kinda sad, but hilariously put.

    I’ll be using some of your tips myself when I come to visit this weekend! Thanks!

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