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5 things I wish I did in Santorini – Greek Islands

This morning, I got into a conversation with a young couple at the coffee shop.  They told me about their plans to visit Santorini, Greece. The couples excitement was contagious. I suddenly felt a strong sense of ‘I wasn’t there for long enough’

You see, Santorini was the “I can’t believe that happened” part of my travel story. Our first attempt to visit Santorini was ruined by being completly screwed over by our accommodation. Threatened and frightened, we fled back to IOS.

We really didn’t mind at te time because we had fallen in love with the place.  ( IOS that is )

However, My flights were booked from Santorini so I had no other choice but to return to the island a few days later for one night.


From what I saw, Santorini is beautiful and from what I hear, I only saw the tip of the iceberg.


I did manage to watch the sun set, which was completly mesmerising!


And take some beautiful images of the view… I even got to pose for a quick pic…



But I am determined to go back and see more/do more.

The young couple shared their santorini plans with me and I have added several of their plans to my bucket list.

1. Amoudi bay

2. Red beach

3.Boutari Winery

4. Scuba dive

5. Kamari beach

What’s your favourite thing to do in Santorini? 



10 comments on “5 things I wish I did in Santorini – Greek Islands

  1. OMG, so beautiful. Hope one day I can go there.


  2. Beautiful! I can’t wait to go there next year


  3. Beautiful pics, hope you make it there again!

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  4. Amazing place, I really like Santorini , anyway thank you very much for visiting my site and wish you all the best.

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  5. I absolutely loved Santorini! 🙂 I’ve an itinerary on my blog that might interest you!

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