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3 Musts for an Amalfi Coast Wish list.

In two weeks time, My boyfriend and i are heading to the AMALFI COAST, in Italy. The Amalfi Coast has always been high up on my travel bucket list and after 9months of travel, i am finally getting around to going.

We already have hit the jackpot with our accommodation, discovering a private studio located in Sorrento, discounted at 85% off.
While planning for our upcoming trip, we decided to use the approach less is more and choose THREE things we really really wanted to do/see/experience. The past 3months, we have been going away A LOT, averaging two trips + per month. While this has been a lot of fun, we decided to put on the breaks and save some money up towards ONE holiday.

So here is what we have decided on.

1. A Day trip to POSITANO

Positano-ItalyWhen i first looked into travelling Europe, Positano’s beautiful landscape and buildings jumped out at me. Unfortunately, we didnt have the time or money to do everything all at once, so decided to go with greece. Now that i am finally making it to the Amalfi Coast, a visit to Positano was a no brainer!

2. Visiting Blue Grotto, Capri

azzurra_1362559867This photo speaks for itself. The blue grotto is located on the island of Capri & is said to have the bluest waters in the world (dont quote me on that…)

3. Swim in the Hotprings of Ischia

When i was discussing my ‘bucket list’ with my Boss, i mentioned that ive always wanted to go to a hotspring. She smiled and exclaimed ” You know there are hot springs on an island near naples”…. i.almost.died! This very quickly became my main priority. We managed to find a return journey from Naples-Ischia (we fly from naples so this worked out perfectly). The ferry ride will cost 90euro (return) for the both of us.

so there you have it, my top three Amalfi wishes

Have you ever been to the Amalfi Coast? What was your favourite part? x L


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