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5 Tips: European summer 2015.

How many of you are planning a trip to Europe this summer?

Today’s dull weather has me day dreaming about all my upcoming trips & all the things I will do again / do differently.

5 Travel tips (you’re not often told) for travelling Europe this summer. 

1. Book a sail tour.   Whether it’s sail Croatia, sail turkey or sailing through the Greek islands, you won’t regret the decision to sail. Waking up and seeing the ocean every morning was mesmerising. Sail Croatia was the highlight of my entire 10months of travel. Discovering new cities/islands every day, floating around the ocean lying on floaties, sunbaking on deck, enjoying a morning cider because why not?  I loved my time on board so much that I’ve booked another sail trip for this summer.

2. Allow time for transit.    Travelling on a budget can be difficult, if you’re in a rush! Often, the cheapest options, take the longest. Embrace the transit time. For those who are back packing or really limited to funds: keep your eyes on Skyscanner for cheap flights, check out  Megabus for crazy cheap coaches ( I’m going to oxford for 1£, Amsterdam for 15£ and Paris for 10£) or book yourself a few ‘all inclusive’ deals through Livingsocial. I regret booking some of my plans back to back, forcing me to pay 100s of pounds for a direct flight. The days we had a long transit, were always the days we met loads of new people.

3. Bring an underwater camera.   Preparing for my trip last year, I went to look at GoPros and underwater housing for my camera. I was convinced that I wouldn’t really need it and to just stick to my regular camera. Regret!  I did have a life proof case for my phone, allowing me to take my phone in the water but not under the water. I took some of my favourite travel photos while floating on the ocean, however, I had total camera envy when I saw the photos my friends had taken. I’ve already put in the birthday request for underwater housing for my Canon, this year, I’ll be prepared!

4. Pack light. Seriously. Pack, cull what you don’t really need and then cull again. I was moving overseas so needed to pack everything that  I may want/need in Europe. I can’t tell you how many clothes I had to chuck out & give away. I barely wore half of what I packed. During the days, I lived in shorts and singlets and at night, I dressed casual, comfortable and always in flip flops. Pack the essentials and if you find yourself without, European fashion is both amazing & cheap! ( full post on packing light to come)

you DONT want this!

5. Hostels with pools will be your saving grace. After spending the day site seeing in europes major cities, your saving grace will be coming home to a pool. Rome almost killed me. It was hot beyond belief and we had spent hours walking around the sites. We were lucky to be staying at the Plus hostels in most major cities. These hostels were cheap(ish) and always had a pool (and aircon!!!!)


3 comments on “5 Tips: European summer 2015.

  1. Stunning photos! I love adventuring through Europe in the summer! My biggest tip is check when national or religious festivals are on as some are worth being around for, and others mean that entire towns are closed for a day or two!

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  2. benjii1993

    Really fine pictures and great tips! 🙂

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