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A Londoners Wanderlust

The thing I love the most about being part of the blogging world, is being re-inspired everyday by other travel posts.

Usually, I wake on a Friday extremely excited for the adventure ahead. I spend my day in transit to my destination of choice for the week.

This Friday, I woke up early and lay in bed pondering what I would do with my time. No holidays booked. No last minute trip up my sleeves.

Thankfully, I jumped on ‘reader’ and  stumbled across ‘the well traveled post card’   77 things a true Londoner has done. I discovered at least 40 things I havnt yet experienced in London.

An instant reminder that there is still so much to do and see in London & if I spend every weekend travelling, I’ll miss out on experiencing London itself.

I decided to choose one thing from her list and spend my day achieveing it.

1. Walk along the Thames path. (I did hammersmith to westminister)✔️

I have never seen hammersmith bridge and I live 5minutes from it. The path along the Thames is both beautiful and peaceful.

Lesson learnt: Wherever you are in the world, whether home or abroad, there is always going to be something left to discover. A new restaurant, cafe, shop, park, beach, running track, bush walk, mountain top, mesuem, show or gallery. Spend your day doing something new.

Happy Friday x L


12 comments on “A Londoners Wanderlust

  1. I’m glad you were inspired by my blog post! The Thames Path is one of my favourite things about London, and best of all, it’s completely free and never closes! All the way to Westminster is a seriously long way, good on you! Your must have strong legs 🙂

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  2. benjii1993

    Remember when I was in London, its a great city! Always something going on and its always something fun. On my trips I try not to plan it so well. I find it so much better to just let the things come to me and be spontaneous. Because its like you say, its always something left to discover.


  3. Very interesting thought. Exploring your home town is something absolutely unique and it at times has the same feeling as travelling to a destination far away 🙂


  4. beautiful post. i hope i can go here someday 🙂


  5. Beautiful photos! I absolutely loved London when I was there last April.


  6. It’s easy to forget what’s right on your doorstep. This was a solid reminder that a good adventure can always be found close to home. Thanks for sharing!


    • Exactly! I’ve spent every weekend this year travelling, trying to experience something knew. I forgot about how exciting London is! Thanks for taking the time to read x


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