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Summer Paradise

Almost everybody said the same thing ,”You won’t survive the winter”.
Well ladies and gentlemen, Spring is upon us and here I am, a fellow survivor.  So winter didn’t kill me but i did get Heliophilia.

What’s that?

My desire for a lifetime of summer has peaked to an all time high, causing me to make a promise to my extremities that I will never put them through such temperatures again.

Oh to be salty, sandy and not dressed in 10 layers.

Spring is here and my three month countdown has begun. It’s time to start booking in those summer holidays around Europe. This summer, I’m visiting the places I missed out on last year. Amalfi coast, Portugal, Malta and Turkey will be my main trips as well as re-visiting some of my favourite European destinations.

Travelling to Europe this summer? Make sure you add these three places to your list.

  1. Barcelona, SpainBarcelona has remained in my top 5 european cities. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my days than wandering through beautiful alleys, purchasing unique silver and clothing, laying on the beach until 9, drinking sangaria and eating copious amounts of tapas foods. For more on my time in Barcelona, click Here.
  2. IOS, Greek Islands IOS is both picture perfect and a load of fun. I discovered so many hidden (and not hidden) gems during my time on this beautiful Greek Island.  To see more on IOS, click Here
  3. Sail Croatia  My croatian highlight? A day of sailing followed by drinks in a cave bar. Yes, there is a bar inside a cave.  To see more, click  Here

What are your favourite summer destinations in Europe?

x L


8 comments on “Summer Paradise

  1. Love it! Gorgeous photos xx


  2. Lovely photos of Santorini.


  3. Makes me so keen for Barcelona

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great photos! I happen to have all 3 on my wish list! Although I’m not sure where in Greece I would like to go. I haven’t been to Europe in the summer yet but I’m hopeful.


    • Greece is beautiful. It really depends on what type of holiday you’re after with Greece. I hope you make it to europe for a summer. Thank you for taking the time to comment x


  5. Hi Louise,

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