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Another Friday, another airport

Today’s flight is an early one. I left home at 545am this morning and headed for the AirPort.

Travelling light meant that I could take my time getting to my gate and didn’t have to stand in any long lines. Thank goodness!

I was starving and had some time on my hands so decided to get something to eat. Breakfast was DELISIOUS! I found a store that made porridge and yoghurt pots. I got myself a plum, apple and blackberry compote with gronola porridge pot.  

If you live in the UK, do yourself a favour and visit Leon


This week I am heading to Scotland.  The last time I visited Scotland I was 16 years old and didn’t come close to truely appreciating the immaculate beauty of Scotland’s highlands and lochs. 

I have got myself in a habit of working three days a week and travelling four. The balance between work:leisure has allowed me to truely appreciate every day. I love my job because it is not my life.       

Today’s advice would be to Do more of what makes you happy. 

Happy Friday 

x L


2 comments on “Another Friday, another airport

  1. That looks delicious!

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  2. Good advice, “I love my job because it is not my life!” Excellent! Enjoy your travel photos and words. Blessings:)

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